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Content Creation & Coordination Services

Content Creation Services

Hey there! There's more to SB than just Photography & Videography. With the help of my sweet sister, Elisabeth, we are now offering Content Creation Services. 

What is Content Creation?  Wedding Content Creators capture the behind the scenes moments of your wedding. Specifically photos and videos that are tailor made for social media. The content is quick, candid, fun, and creative. If you love capturing content formatted for instagram and TikTok, this service is for you. This is not meant to replace traditional photography or videography, but be an addition that adds to the depth of how your day is captured. An additional perk of this service, is that we deliver the content within 24 hours of EOD, so you have content to post and blush over even sooner.

PS. You can still book this service even if you didn't book SB for your photography or videography. 

6 hours of capturing- $450

8 hours of capturing- $600

10 hours of capturing- $750

12 hours of capturing- $900

To inquire about this service you can reach out via text or email at 417-209-6128/

Day of Coordination Services

Looking for someone to help you handle the stress of the day? We get you. 

Our day of coordination services will help you create the perfect wedding timeline and ensure that everyone is on track the day of the wedding. As a photographer, there has been plenty of times I've witnessed the best man forgetting to bring the rings down the aisle, the bride last minute transferring her vows from her phone to paper, and the timeline getting hours off track. We want you to look back on your day with no regrets, and only good memories. To further discuss this topic, reach out to schedule a consultation!

 6 hours of coordinating: $450

8 hours of coordinating: $600

10 hours of coordinating: $800

12 hours of coordinating: $1000

To inquire about this service you can reach out via text or email at 417-209-6128/

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